About Achiever Admission Test

Reliance IIT-JEE & Medical Academy presents ACHIEVER Latur Pattern Talent Test for Analysis and Rewards. this test will analyse the aptitude of Students who are aiming to prepare for competitive exams like JEE (Mains &Advanced), NEET,AIIMS to shape their Career along with college studies.

Reliance IIT-JEE & Medical Academy (ACHIEVER) identifies the hidden talent of students, motivates and supports though cash prizes,20 conditions prizes and zone wise Scholarships with other benefits.

Dates & Syallbus

First Round:16th Dec 2018 to 20th Jan 2019

Last Round:7th April 2019

Will Be heldat Latur & Belguam our own center

Question Paper Pattern
Sr. No Class Syallbus
1 For Class 10th 65 Question[Sci 25,Maths 25,MA* 15]
2 For Class 11th Math 75 Question[Phy 25,Chem 25,M 25]
3 For Class 11th Bio 90 Question[Phy 25,Chem 25,Bio 40]

Analysis of more than 80,000 students will be done by this test

Benefits Of (ACHIEVER) Test

1.To spred the awareness and importance of National competitive exam like IIT-JEE,NEET,AIIMS,NDA etc. which is more necessary in today's world.

2.To analyze your academic standing at national level and to identify your strengths and weaknesses,it help you to plan your career goal.

3.TO win cash prizes upto 1lakh,20 consolation prizes,scholarship and other benefits which motivate you to do better in carrer ahead and above all. Analysis of More than 80,000 students will be done by this test.

Experts Counselling of IIT-JEE ,NEET,AIIMS by Experts of Reliance IIT-JEE & Medical Academy,Latur.

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