Bifurcation between JEE & NEET



I) The results of JEE(Mains) is based on combine score of board exam & JEE(Mains).

II) RLP provides a lot of different batches as per the requirement of the child.

III) 1.5 million engineering aspirants & 1.2 million candidates for IITJEE Exam like keeping an aim to get in IIT’S. Only 11000 seals can be expected in IIT’S for engineering & Architectural Courses & around 25000 student can get admission in NIT’S , IIT’S AND GFTI(Govt. Fund Technical Institute) as per the .Only 32000 among 1.2 million candidates achieve their career goals.

IV) graduated from IIT,NIIT can land you to a work-class job into top most company like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Inc. The Research institute like NASA, CSIR, IISC, IISER also provides admission on basis of IIT JEE Score and provides further research opportunities.

V) rigorous paper solving provides an actual simulation of JEE exam time round test papers prepare a student to learn time management skills.